Why Cable-MGR PRO-10 Series?

PRO-10 by Wiremaid™ offers the most complete line of factory made UL Classified® fittings for a 100% UL Classified® and NEC Compliant Wire Basket Cable Tray System. PRO-10 Cable Tray is ideal for today’s sensitive telecommunications fiber optic cables; but is also used for instrumentation cables, security and even electrical distribution. PRO-10 Cable Tray is used in Ceiling and Plenum spaces, Raised Access Floor areas and Telecom Closets. Indoor and outdoor versions available. Planning your installation is easy. You can even do it online with our new cable tray builder. Tray sections, fittings, splices and supports make up every bill of material. PRO-10 Cable Tray offers a wide variety of sizes that will meet the fill capacity of every application.