Guard Products

Custom made and a full range of industrial and commercial guards for all types of products, including:

• Light Guards
• Reflector Guards
• Clock Guards
• Ceiling Mounted Guards
• Wifi Guards
• Security Lighting Guards
• Round High Bay Light Guards
• Door Frame Guards
• Security Camera Guards
• Engineered to your requirements at no additional cost

SLG Strip Type Guard

SLG-Strip Type Guard

LGWR Reflector Type Guard

LGWR-Reflector Type Guard

LGUR Reflector Type Guard

LGUR-Reflector Type Guard

solg type guard

SOLG-Type Guard

Hi Bay Guard

Hi-Bay Guard

safety light guards 22c22 series

Safety Light Guards “C” Series

door frame guard

Door Frame Guard

cg series cage guard

CG Series-Cage Guard

clock guards

Clock Guards

hb round high bay lite guards

HB-Round High Bay Lite Guards

lb round low bay lite guards

LB-Round Low Bay Lite Guards

round high and low bay guards

Round High and Low Bay Guards

steel hinge clamps for industrial reflectors


propane leak protector guard

Propane Leak Protector

propane leak protector guard 02

Propane Leak Protector 02