Guard Products

Custom made and a full range of industrial and commercial guards for all types of products, including:

  • Light Guards
  • Reflector Guards
  • Clock Guards
  • Ceiling Mounted Guards
  • Wifi Guards
  • Security Lighting Guards
  • Round High Bay Light Guards
  • Door Frame Guards
  • Security Camera Guards
  • Engineered to your requirements at no additional cost

SLG-Strip Type Guard

LGWR-Reflector Type Guard

LGUR-Reflector Type Guard

SOLG-Type Guard

Hi-Bay Guard

Safety Light Guards “C” Series

Door Frame Guard

CG Series-Cage Guard

Clock Guards

HB-Round High Bay Lite Guards

LB-Round Low Bay Lite Guards

Round High and Low Bay Guards


Propane Leak Protector

Propane Leak Protector 02