M.E.2 Features and Benefits

The 2″ x 4″ grid design facilitates simple cable layouts while supporting the cable. The open grid design prevents dirt and dust build-up experienced in closed cable trays. Changes in tray routing directions are made with factory fabricated “L,” “T,” and “4-Way” type tray junctions. Reducer sections seamlessly transition between different tray sections widths, building in cost savings. Tray sections can be easily interconnected using industry common splice washer clamps. M.E. 2 trays can be mounted on walls or posts, on ceilings or installed under raised flooring with Cable-MGR hardware.

• Factory fabricated junctions save installation time and cut costs
• Shorten 7′ or 10′ straight sections to custom length at the installation site
• Change routing elevation at the job site by simply cutting side wires and bending tray to desired contour
• 2″ x 4″ grid provides easy cable routing in or out of tray sections
• Metal tray divider available for cable separation
• Rigid steel construction – Made in the U.S.A.


ME2 Cable Tray

Guidelines For Cutting Straight Tray Sections

When it is necessary to cut a tray section to a shorter length on site, modification should be made per NEC 392. It is recommended to use a side action bolt cutter with off-set blades such as HK Porter Model #0090MNE. Cut the wire on an angle away from the new cut wire at an end to reduce cutting burrs. With the tray section placed with its open side down, cut each longitudinal wire at an approximately 45 degree angle as close as possible so that cut end does not extend past the new end cross wire. Remove any sharp burrs that might damage the cable insulation.

ME2 corner 500

Horizontal Bends

Horizontal bends in the tray routing can be made by cutting out the side and bottom wires of alternating grid sections, while leaving the opposing side wires intact. Bend the remaining side wires to the desired radius and clamp together each remaining vertical cross wire with a splice washer.

ME2 bend2 500

Elevation Changes

Use elevation changes to create rises and drops in the routing of the M.E.2 trays. This can be easily made at the installation site by cutting away all the side wires from one grid section location where the desired bend is to be made as shown. Bend the straight tray to the desired radius. For more gradual bends, cut away alternate grid section side wires along the length of the tray to be bent.

Tray Connection Hardware

Splice Washer Kit #05-2-600726

The cable tray straight and junction sections are easily joined together using installer-friendly splice washer kits. The kit contains one 1/4″- 20 bolt washer, one splice washer and one flanged hex nut. Material is powder coated steel.

Connection of Adjacent Tray Sections


Position the splice washers on each tray side and bottom as shown with the 1/4″-20 hex nut on the outside of the tray per recommended quantity shown in the Splice Washer Usage chart. Evenly space the splice washers along the tray bottom width.

Tray Connection Splice Chart
Tray Bottom Splice Washer image

Tray bottom splice washer shown

Splice Washers sides and bottom image

Position splice washers on the tray sides and bottom as shown

Weight, Load & Fill Chart

(D x W” x L”)
(50% fill ratio)*
over a 5′ span (lbs./ft.)
over a 10′ span (lbs./ft.)
2x6x7 13.2 130 27 14
2x8x7 17.6 174 29 16
2x12x7 26.4 260 34 19
2x18x7 39.6 394 43 22
2x24x7 52.8 527 52 23
2x6x10 13.2 130 27 14
2x8x10 17.6 174 29 16
2x12x10 26.4 260 34 19
2x18x10 39.6 394 43 22
2x24x10 52.8 527 52 23
4x6x7 25.2 253 35 17
4x8x7 33.6 331 48 25
4x12x7 50.4 496 52 28
4x18x7 75.6 751 68 31
4x24x7 100.8 998 69 36
4x6x10 25.2 253 35 17
4x8x10 33.6 331 48 25
4x12x10 50.4 496 52 28
4x18x10 75.6 751 68 31
4x24x10 100.8 998 69 36